Divine Guidance For Holistic Healing And Spiritual Wellness

A lifetime of training with ascended spiritual masters and a decade of training personally with a living spiritual master and avatar has led Shamananda to become one of the world leaders in advanced shamanic healing and guidance.

A Shaman is only as good as their consciousness. Self-purification of words, thoughts, and deeds is only the beginning of channeling pure spiritual guidance in a way that honors the recipient. One must untangle and master their own inauthentic qualities in order to become selfless, and to see what is communicated within the being of those who seek their wisdom. Otherwise, the shaman is viewing the information based on their own limiting beliefs, inadvertently altering the emotional communication of the person requesting help.

Shamananda has gone through the painful introspective layers of purification to deliver the purest channeled mentorship possible, so the recipient can experience divine guidance at its best. Regardless of how naturally gifted you are, training is imperative for authentic spiritual growth and development — it is impossible to hold yourself 100% accountable. You cannot see your full reflection when you have your nose up against the mirror.

If you wanted to become a pilot, would you walk into a commercial airplane full of passengers, enter the cockpit, and start flying the plane without any training?

If you wanted to become a neurosurgeon, would you walk into a hospital, change into scrubs, and ask to perform the next brain surgery?


You would first complete years of rigorous training to ensure you could safely perform each task required of the position.

Although the consequences are different from the above professions, lives are on the line in energetic healing as well. People’s lives are valuable and complex. Their issues matter and they need to receive accurate information to aid them in their journey. When you choose a self-taught shaman who has not gone through the purification process to continually elevate their consciousness and cleanse their inner being, chances are you are receiving guidance that is grossly inaccurate. The healer would be using their own experience as a barometer for the information they are receiving, as opposed to understanding how to read you at face value. It is a skill that must be taught.

When searching for a practitioner for your holistic healing and spiritual wellness, please choose wisely. If you would like to train personally with Shamananda and join countless other satisfied students who have trained with her all over the globe, please contact us for availability. If you would like to schedule a session or request other information, please contact us and we will respond to you as soon as possible.