1. healing

    Healing Yourself

    Having only the desire or willingness to heal yourself isn’t always enough. Oftentimes, healing yourself effectively lies within the realm of personal belief systems. As an example, if your eyes were your consciousness, your belief system would be the type of glasses you’d put on and see the wor…Read More

  2. Self love


    You are love. No matter what you have ever done, the purity of who you are remains. Everyone is the same. Everyone has the same big, beautiful light inside of them. This goes beyond what you’ve created in this lifetime, or any lifetime. It doesn’t matter what crimes you’ve committed, what grea…Read More

  3. End your suffering

    End Your Suffering by Morning

    Have you ever considered that understanding your dreams could quell your misery? It’s true. Accurate interpretations of your nightly mind movies can ease your emotional and psychic suffering, so that you can gracefully navigate your life. While most people know dreams have intrinsic value, why is …Read More