End your suffering

Have you ever considered that understanding your dreams could quell your misery?

It’s true. Accurate interpretations of your nightly mind movies can ease your emotional and psychic suffering, so that you can gracefully navigate your life. While most people know dreams have intrinsic value, why is it that we are so quick to dismiss them?

The short answer is that many people who suffer wish to continue to do so. It becomes an addiction, or a crutch. The first key in moving on to a happier life is awareness of what is happening. In this case, that awareness starts with dreams.

More than once, I’ve discovered that accurate dream interpretation has saved lives. In symbolism, the mind provides the exact message that the dreamer is longing to hear. Often, that message is a way out of madness and pain that can seem impossible to break free from. Interpreting your own symbolism can give hope where there was once only suffering.

How is this possible? It’s because dream interpretation always leads you on the path to the discovery that you aren’t truly alone. I had one student who was contemplating suicide. Part of our work together was dream interpretation. Once it hit him that his unconscious mind was tirelessly sending him the guidance that he needed, he finally understood that he mattered. He also realized that something much smarter than himself had his back and wanted him to survive.

Dreams are love letters from our highest selves. Every night, with devotion, this highest self reaches out to you, guiding you to leave your pain behind and to embrace the beauty of what life has to offer. 

To take it one step further, symbol analysis doesn’t stop with your dreams. The guidance you receive also happens while you’re awake. Out of the thousands of symbols surrounding you, your highest self will always pick out the ones that are the most beneficial to you. Whether it’s a color, a license plate, an animal, or nature, you are being guided by the symbols that enter your awareness. All you really have to do is pay attention, because all the guidance that you could ever ask for is available to you at any given moment. The universe takes a great deal of time and care to deliver you messages, because you matter to the world.

It’s time to free yourself from suffering and embrace all that life has to offer. To learn more, visit my Holistic Healing and Guidance page. I offer a variety of different spiritual healing modalities, including reiki, energy healing, and shamanic transmutative healing. If you don’t live in the Orange County area, you can still benefit from my teachings via my online self-development course. The first step to healing is choosing to do so. Transform your body, mind, and soul today, and experience unconditional love.