Having only the desire or willingness to heal yourself isn’t always enough. Oftentimes, healing yourself effectively lies within the realm of personal belief systems. As an example, if your eyes were your consciousness, your belief system would be the type of glasses you’d put on and see the world through.

Everything begins, at the causal level, with the creation of your thoughts. This expands out to your words, then your actions. Eventually, these actions become habitual. Habitual patterns grow into belief systems. The more your habitual patterns persist, the deeper the integration of belief occurs, and the harder it becomes to shift the patterns into something more effective.

Now, let’s say you make a decision to choose something else for your life that would be more effective for you. The longer you’ve had the belief system that you are now trying to change, the harder it would be to shift into a new perception.

Imagine a scale. On one side are all the times you’ve told yourself a limiting belief over and over. That side of the scale would get very heavy! The only way to begin to embody a new belief system is to begin to put weight on the other side of the scale. That will eventually outweigh what you currently believe. Because it has taken time to create your current belief system, understand that it will also take time to shift it into something else.

This scale also applies to global consciousness. When billions of people believe that you have an incurable disease, the force to follow along with that consciousness can seem impossible to the individual who is wishing to cure themselves. Detaching yourself from that belief system is the key to potentially healing yourself.

Self-healing occurs when there is an understanding that what you believe in manifests. The individuals who have cured themselves of cancer understand that their cancer-free bodies only came from their unshakable faith that they could do it. Healing yourself becomes infinitely more difficult if your thought is corrupted by years of belief that curing disease inside your body isn’t possible.

Other elements that get in the way of self-healing are wanting to be right about something and gathering evidence. As an example, if you are wanting to be right about being worthless, and you are gathering evidence to do so, failing at self-healing may be exactly what you’d want to happen. Or, perhaps you are meant to have what ailment you have in order to learn a powerful lesson. Because your soul is immortal, you would take the knowledge of the blessings of that lesson into your next lifetime. With that being said, with guidance, you can learn all of the lessons associated with that ailment, shorten the duration of the ailment, learn how to gracefully mitigate it so that it causes the least or no amount of suffering, and live in those moments radiating love, gratitude and peace instead of suffering throughout the entire process.

Some people may find that they can only heal part of their ailment. The reason for this is because it may be a part of their lesson to not rid their bodies of it completely. Self-healing does not mean to get rid of the issue. Healing actually means that you understand and have learned the lesson that the universe has shown you, and that you’ve received the gifts of that lesson. Your elevated consciousness is the gift. That is the only reason you are here on this planet, after all.

Therefore, it is always about the lesson. Although it’s true that most people have the ability to transcend the need to die from a particular disease, it may be your lesson to go through the process. It may also be the ultimate lesson to discover how to transcend the pain and suffering of dying, and to discover exalted levels of detachment, grace and surrender through the process.

So, don’t go to a spiritual healer expecting to be fixed, because you aren’t broken. Go to a spiritual healer because you are willing to learn the lessons of your issues, so that you may be liberated from the sufferings that have a hold on you, and that you may have the experience of freedom and peace that is attainable in this lifetime. And, once you embrace the lesson, the ailment occasionally ceases to exist.

Many spiritual healers can get rid of the symptoms of your ailment. But, if you don’t learn the lessons associated with that ailment, the lesson will simply come back another way, in a more aggressive form. There isn’t a single person that can escape the lessons your soul wishes for you to learn in this lifetime. So make the decision to take on the lessons with enthusiasm. It will only support your self-healing.

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Love to you all.