In my life coaching blog, I share insights and guidance on spiritual wellness, awakening, and healing, as well as mindfulness meditation tips and information about how to make the most out of your holistic practices. I truly believe that holistic life coaching is a direct, effective, and powerful way to discover your path to greater self-love and communication with the divine. Through these articles, tips, and guides, I share with you personal pearls of wisdom gathered on my own path towards enlightenment in the hopes of empowering you to realize your highest self. Request a holistic life coaching session with me in Orange County today to learn more.

  1. pillars of strength

    E-Book One

    1.01.0 This moment marks the end of suffering in your life. For whatever reason or circumstance, you can be certain that your divinity has lead you here, so that you may finally understand who you are and what your true purpose is in this world. You will no longer feel lost, or feel as though you ar…Read More

  2. Meet Shamananda

    I’m Shamananda, the author behind The Enlightenment Discourses and a spiritual life coach based out of Orange County. It’s my goal to help as many people as I can find higher spiritual health, which is why I created my business and, by extension, this blog. While you can always schedule a sessio…Read More