Holistic Healing and Guidance

Shamananda offers holistic guidance and holistic healing for virtually all of your spiritual, physical, and mental ailments — such is the power of energy healing and spiritual enlightenment. 

Through sacred teachings, self-realization, and shamanic transmutation, Shamananda can actually safely remove your negative energy — the root of your physical, mental, and spiritual problems — and transmute it through the power of cyclical rotation into something harmless.

These transformative practices are aided by movement, meditation, intentional breathing, and vibration, further empowering your holistic guide’s ability to imbue you with positive energy, light, love, and enlightenment.

No other form of healing has the potential power of holistic guidance when performed by a dedicated practitioner who has earned their guruship. As an enlightened and world-wide recognized shaman, Mataji Sri Shamananda offers a rare combination of passion, ability, awareness, and effectiveness to help you heal.

Start Healing Today With Holistic Guidance From Shamananda

The first step to healing is an easy one. All it requires is your intent and the simple action of contacting Shamanda to learn more. Complete the form below to begin your journey.