Shamanic Transmutation Healing

Shamanic transmutation is a powerful form of energy healing practiced by experienced, enlightened, and awakened shamans who have dedicated their lives to understanding themselves, understanding others, and understanding the nature of positive and negative energy in people’s lives. As a world-renowned transmutational healer, Mataji Sri Shamananda invites you to learn, grow, and find wellness through spiritual and energy healing.

Why Is Transmutation Important?

Without properly addressing and changing the negative energy that resides within you, you can experience deeply devastating mental, physical, and spiritual illness and disease. These negative energies are the root of all such problems. Transmutational energy healing removes, safely transforms, and returns this energy to your body as positive energy, light, and love, empowering you to live and share your best life with others.

How is Shamanic Transmutation Different Than Reiki?

While many people are familiar with Reiki, not everyone knows about transmutational healing. Where Reiki infuses one with light and positive energy to invigorate the body and soul, transmutational energy healing goes further by actually removing negative energy as well. Once outside of your body, the energy is transformed and replaced, providing positive and often dramatic results.

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