Spiritual Teaching From Shamananda

When you embark on your spiritual journey with Shamananda, you will begin to spiritually awaken and understand your higher self. In time, principles and practices both fundamental and complex will help you to hone your awareness, love, and inner-light into a powerful tool for truth and healing.

From meditative exploration and self-awareness in thought, deed, and word to grappling with principles of gratitude, prosperity, love, and hope you will walk the path of spiritual enlightenment under the guruship and guidance of the teachings of Mataji Sri Shamananda, the founder of Shamanic Transmutative Healing and our shamanic healing practice.

Begin Your Journey With Shamananda Today

The first step on your personal journey to self-love, love for others, healing, and spiritual awakening begins with a simple and intentional connection. Reach out to Shamananda today to start discovering the questions, ideas, and answers that will begin to transform you into your highest, purest self.