By peeling back the veil of artifice that surrounds your self-image and through the power of divine knowledge and sight, Shamanda works to deliver direct, specific, and powerfully simple life guidance. Unlike other forms of life coaching that are designed to build dependence on the coach, transformational life coaching with Shamananda is personally curated to empower you to achieve your highest self.

Life-altering results are common, and many of our clients are inspired and called to continue their spiritual and self-awakening through learning with Shamananda and teaching others in turn.

Begin Growing and Awakening To Yourself Today

Shamananda invites you to take the first step towards becoming the person who you are capable of being — the person who you are divinely inspired to be, through our transformational life coaching experiences. It’s never too late to begin walking the path of your life with intention, gratitude, and enlightenment, but then again, it is also never too early, either. Contact us today to begin.