Although widely known for her divinely channeled book The Enlightenment Discourses and published articles in Radiance Magazine, Shamananda is also the creator and founder of the healing modality called Shamanic Transmutation. Using sound therapy, spiritual coaching and an elemental approach to energetic realignment, Shamananda’s healing modality is cyclical in nature. While pushing in advanced, pranic full color spectrum healing into the body, she is also removing the energetic debris of what no longer serves out of the client. As the saying goes, “A done bun can’t be undone’, so is the case for energetic creations that have not been properly transmuted from the etheric body. In other words, what has been created cannot be un-created. But, it can be altered. This type of unreleased energy inside the human body such as rage, jealousy, frustration, pain, despair etc. when kept in the body can create disease and illness, psychiatric issues, sluggishness, digestive problems, depression, poverty, mental blocks, and many other issues. Learn more here.

Shamananda pulls the blocked energy into her body and effectively transmutes it – alters it on a cellular level – into something harmless, then releases it. The altered energy in its new state cannot re-enter the client’s body. The end result can be (depending on the client) a noticeably lighter body and spirit, a clear mind, release of addictions, and clear signs of disappearing ailments, to name a few. Some experience various energetic experiences and visions, while others find peace within themselves over a series of sessions. Naturally, none of these results are guaranteed, and vary from client to client.