What Is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is a form of vibrational healing that uses sound to facilitate shifts in our brainwave state. By using rhythm and frequency, sound healing can train our brainwaves to downshift from our normal Beta state (waking consciousness) to Alpha (relaxed consciousness), Theta (meditative state), and even Delta (sleep, where internal healing can occur the strongest).

Sound Healing Tools

My sound healing sessions are both passive and participatory, as I use a variety of different instruments to shift you into a state of total relaxation. Some of the tools I use most often include Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, drums, and even my own voice. I have learned how to use all of these tools to create specific vibrations that can shift you into an Alpha, Theta, or Delta state.

Tibetan sound bowls work by entraining the brain to move into a Theta state, inducing deep meditation, clarity of mind, and intuition while inhibiting the pain or stress response. Essentially the pure sonic waves from Tibetan singing bowls prompt a regenerative process for body, mind, and spirit.

During tuning fork therapy, I use calibrated metal tuning forks to apply specific vibrations to various parts of the body in order to help release tension and negative energy. Often, I will use tuning forks in conjunction with singing bowls to create pure tones to help rebalance your chakras and restore you to a state of ultimate health.

The History of Sound Healing

The first known culture to heal with sound are the Aboriginal people of Australia, who have used the didgeridoo, or yidaki, as a healing tool for at least 40,000 years. Egyptians and Babylonians used drums, rattles, and various vowel sounds to accelerate healing. The oldest surviving scriptural texts reveal that, since the beginning of recorded history, many cultures around the world shared a creation myth of a first sonic event. Even in the Bible, John 1:1 says “In the beginning was the Word.” As you can see, sound healing is an ancient, worldwide practice that has had enormous impacts on cultures of medicine.

Recover From Physical and Emotional Pain With Sound Healing

Experience the medicine of the past and future by scheduling a sound healing session today. Many of my clients have found this form of therapy incredibly effective for helping them overcome emotional and physical ailments. Contact me today to begin your journey towards healing, wellness, and greater awakening.