I met Shamananda a few months after moving to California . A friend of mine sent me some info of a metaphysical event that he thought I might be interested because he knows I’m drawn to and look up to Spiritual work. I looked over the info and saw a lot of different people offering there services. I found my self drawn to Shamananda and what she had to offer . My boyfriend and I went to the event and walked around and before leaving I found Shamananda. We spoke privately about my personal issues that were going on with me. She took the time to discuss her work in detail, she was very sweet, kind, nurturing and made sure I was comfortable before we set up my first session.

My first session was amazing with her and I felt a lot of clearing and changes going on in my body. We had several more session after that to further more healing and I was feeling so much better and seeing progress with thin myself overall.

Next I attended some of her group classes, they were always very comforting and interesting with
and filled with like minded and very nice people. I really enjoyed the one on one session and the classes. I would drive a hour there and a hour back home just to attend.

I knew some where in my heart very shortly after spending time with her . I had a very close connection with Shamananda . This may sound strange to some people and others may understand this if they have ever experienced this them selves. It was as if I knew her in a past life, as if she was a mother or spiritual teacher to me and I felt as if I was home in some odd way. This was a very odd thought and feeling for me since I barely knew her but do believe in people meeting back up in different life times so I just excepted it for what it was.

Later on my work took a turn for its worst and I had to stop attending sessions and classes to save money. I was very sad and in the dumps. Shamananda would keep in touch with me to let me know what all was going on in case I could attend. She would ask me how I was doing over all and was very supportive in every way with possible .

Shamananda still keeps in touch and is there for me if I need a prayer or clearing from a distance or if I ask her to hold a space in her heart for me in time of need. She is loving, caring, nurturing , very smart and knowledgeable and knows her work. She is a true spiritual master teacher that knows her work and has compassion for it and loves what she does.

I highly look up to her and respect her and her work. Shamananda is a very beautiful person inside and out . I love you Shamananda thank you for being there for me and for all your support and healing work you truly are an amazing person . And any one who meets you is very lucky, blessed and in good hands as I was . I hope to see you soon my friend / teacher until then you will always remain in my heart as my teacher .

Keetsie S.