Shamananda is a beautiful gem right here in Laguna Hills!  She offers amazing Transmutative therapy sessions. I have never heard of that type of healing until I met her, but it wound up being the best healing session I have ever had.

Its been a month and I continue to see her weekly, the changes are drastic from the very first session. I could feel the energy being removed from my body, at the end of the session I felt so much happier and lighter, all week I could think more clearly, my body felt amazing, it was like I was moving through life in an entirely different way. I was happy to wake up, happy to go to work, I even noticed I no longer hated an old friend that I had previously ended a relationship with. The anger and aggression I held had vanished.

After the second session I noticed my old thought patterns and habits changing, things that I felt were critical before now seem so minuscule. My cravings are gone completely and I have the privilege of being vegan and alcohol free, without looking back (: In addition we are working on activating my pineal gland and I have been noticing drastic changes during this process as well.

Overall, Shamananda is a beautiful gift to humankind, she is smart, kind, empathetic, and is highly skilled at what she does. Regardless of the sessions, being in her presence is healing enough and choosing her to be your shaman would truly be the greatest gift that you could give to yourself.

Alyssa B.