Words cannot express how grateful I am for my experiences with Shamananda. She is a wonderful soul, gifted Shaman, and an amazing healer. I have worked with several healers and have been blessed that all of them have been excellent, but different. The last couple of years I have been on a path of growth and healing and have been blessed to be guided here. I had a week preparation prior to my session to get  my mind, body, and soul cleaned up and ready to clear out what no longer serves me. Upon entering her healing room or zen den for lack of better words I felt peaceful and relaxed. The room smells of essential oils, has lit candles, and is decorated beautifully. She welcomed me in and we began to chat. We spent a lot of time discussing what my intentions were for the session and afterwards we got started. She had me lay on the table and dressed me in some oils and rosewater spray. I would imagine that it’s different based on each individual’s needs. She continued with sound, tuning forks, bells, and the most beautiful sounding crystal bowls. I could already feel the energy beginning to move and stir within me. She then went into something that I would describe as a shamanic trance then worked her magic. I really can’t describe this part very well except as it being beautiful co-creation of a new version of myself, a happy version of myself. I have been making progress towards my goals and been able to rid myself of some bad habits that I’d had for years and although it’s only been about 3 weeks since my in-depth session I really feel the changes I’ve made are here to stay. I have another session coming up at the beginning of July and I’m ecstatic to see where this takes me. I truly am so grateful!

So I just finished my second full session and I have to say that it was amazing! I’ve had a pain in my left leg for over 2 years and it’s gone. Sometimes it’s hard to wrap the brain around these sorts of things, but Shamananda is truly gifted. Within the last month I’ve had so many excellent experiences not to mention my awareness has been completely enhanced. I’m growing and realize this will always be a work-in-progress, but the rate at which I am growing has increased and the flow of it all has gotten smoother. Thank you Shamananda I am eternally grateful!

Denise A.