I met her for the first time in a leadership program, and my instant connection with her was very difficult to explain. Throughout my life I’ve been searching to fill this void I had been feeling, but wasn’t sure what it was that I was looking for until I met my “Magnet” Mataji Sri Shamananda. In my 28 yrs of life,  I had developed binge eating and I would be on and off diets to try to control it. During my first session I experienced something so magical that it lit up a light bulb- this is what I had been looking for- this is what will fill that void I felt. Sure enough, it did and with working with Shamananda, it’s been filling up ever since. After my first session, not only did I stop binge eating, I juiced for an entire two weeks without feeling hunger at all and experienced no headaches from feeling the low sugar in my body. It was amazing, I couldn’t believe it myself. After my second session I let go of a lot of guilt and anger I had carried for many many years. I felt this inner peace I had not experienced in a very long time. I also let go of the need to get drunk and drink alcohol to numb the feelings down.  After my third session, I let go of my guilt and obsession with needing sex to make me feel like a woman. This is something that truly ran my life. I now feel renewed and at peace with myself and my life. Many new opportunities are showing up in my life and I am finally able to truly concentrate on those who matter most to me.  My family.

Mirna L., Customer Service, Age 28