My experience with Shamananda is transformational, compassionate, strong, unexpected and powerful.

She is able to create trust and a wide open space for my healing to take place.

She listens with an open heart and sensibility, and considering the intensity of the work we do together, I’m still amazed of how I am able to relax and still enjoy the sessions.

I’m sure that’s possible because of her power as a healer that is strongly guiding.  She has the will of a warrior, and the compassion of a woman of an ancient tribe.

Immediately after my sessions I feel lighter and a lot of energy moves. Something deep down inside of me is beginning to heal now, I see it in the choices I’m making. These choices are more fulfilling and real. Her feedback and coaching is honest and direct,  and I’m very grateful for having her in my life.

Sylvia S., Actress, Age 34