1. Thank You

    I am blessed to have Shamananda in my life. She's an amazing soul inside & out with an exceptional gift of healing. She has helped me empower my life & acknowledge all the beauty & blessings I'm blessed with. Thank you for all you've given me, my happiness, peace of mind, Love, hope, courage, clarity, vulnerability.... I love you Shamananda! You are my Angel.…Read More

    Niloo N., Entrepreneur, Age 47
  2. Transformational

    My experience with Shamananda is transformational, compassionate, strong, unexpected and powerful. She is able to create trust and a wide open space for my healing to take place. She listens with an open heart and sensibility, and considering the intensity of the work we do together, I'm still amazed of how I am able to relax and still enjoy the sessions. I'm sure that's possible because of her po…Read More

    Sylvia S., Actress, Age 34
  3. I Feel Clear

    Shamananda's dedication to healing others is unwavering. I feel clear, uplifted and light because of her. She is powerful and her energy work is freeing!…Read More

    Anne K., Age 47
  4. Effective Energy Healer

    Shamananda is a highly empathetic and effective energetic healer. She takes great care to prepare a sacred space in my home for her work.. She has demonstrated a consistent ability to identify my core issues and assist me in my personal transformation.…Read More

    Ed L,. Engineer, Age 58
  5. Feel Renewed

    I met her for the first time in a leadership program, and my instant connection with her was very difficult to explain. Throughout my life I've been searching to fill this void I had been feeling, but wasn't sure what it was that I was looking for until I met my "Magnet" Mataji Sri Shamananda. In my 28 yrs of life,  I had developed binge eating and I would be on and off diets to try to control it…Read More

    Mirna L., Customer Service, Age 28
  6. Helped Me

    The sessions I have with Shamananda are always so different, but I always gain clarity and Light with whatever I am going through during those moments in my life. Some sessions are very intense and I feel electric expansion in my being, and other sessions are very relaxing and peaceful. She has helped me to live and lead with my heart, and when I am swaying off my path, she gently guides me back. …Read More

    Kirra W,. Homemaker, age 28
  7. Very Powerful Sessions!

    Very powerful sessions! She's helped me to go into and release some very deep rooted emotions, and helped me to transmute the stuck energy caused by them. I highly recommend a session with her!…Read More

    Seth P., Vibrational Sound Healer, age 33
  8. Opened My Eyes

    Ever since I've started working with Shamananda, she's opened my eyes to exactly where I need to go for healing and to live my highest self.. She overflows with unconditional love and has a knack for identifying exactly what I need to hear in that moment. Her knowledge and wisdom guides my soul through what I don't fully understand yet, and feel whole heartedly to be true. It's undeniable that she…Read More

    Jessica H., Office Manager, age 27
  9. Relaxing but Effective

    Shamananda always comes from a place of love and compassion. Her healing sessions are gentle and relaxing, but effective. She is also very insightful and can get to the root cause of an issue.…Read More

    Kelly B.
  10. Loving and Powerful

    I had a very good session with Shamananda. She's a real sweet person and super easy to talk to. She's a great listener and makes it easy to be open. She cleared my chakras and gave me some good coaching when we were done. The coaching was good. She doesn't mess around with and tells you what you want to hear, but tells you what you need to hear. But she does it in a way that's loving and powerful.…Read More

    Mike C.