1. Beautiful Person Inside & Out

    I met Shamananda a few months after moving to California . A friend of mine sent me some info of a metaphysical event that he thought I might be interested because he knows I'm drawn to and look up to Spiritual work. I looked over the info and saw a lot of different people offering there services. I found my self drawn to Shamananda and what she had to offer . My boyfriend and I went to the event …Read More

    Keetsie S.
  2. Always Feel Comfortable

    I had an incredible session with Shamananda this past winter. She was able to pinpoint deep pains that I was unaware I was even holding onto! This was my first experience with any type of energy healing but it was truly incredible & I look forward to visiting for future sessions. Not only does she heal old past wounds but she provides guidance going forward to help in ones personal development…Read More

    J.T. S.
  3. True Sense of Relief

    I'm so thankful to have discovered this wonderful woman! She is the real deal. I have had 3 sessions so far and have found that dealing with heavy emotions is much like peeling an onion. Each time I leave her office I feel a true sense of relief and calm. I am slowly detaching from a destructive situation in my life with her help. She is extremely insightful and offers constructive advice that doe…Read More

    C. G.
  4. Best Healing Sessions

    Shamananda is a beautiful gem right here in Laguna Hills!  She offers amazing Transmutative therapy sessions. I have never heard of that type of healing until I met her, but it wound up being the best healing session I have ever had. Its been a month and I continue to see her weekly, the changes are drastic from the very first session. I could feel the energy being removed from my body, at the en…Read More

    Alyssa B.
  5. Cannot Recommend Enough

    From my first meeting with Shamananda I knew that I could trust her. She did a channeled reading that was spot on and made sure to call me out when I was talking around an issue. From then on, I continued to see her as a coach. She is genuine and loving, balancing calling me out with more gentle nudging. She is gracious with her time and intuitively knows where to focus her energy. I have grown as…Read More

    Juliana G.
  6. Eternally Grateful

    Words cannot express how grateful I am for my experiences with Shamananda. She is a wonderful soul, gifted Shaman, and an amazing healer. I have worked with several healers and have been blessed that all of them have been excellent, but different. The last couple of years I have been on a path of growth and healing and have been blessed to be guided here. I had a week preparation prior to my sessi…Read More

    Denise A.
  7. Better Version of Myself

    I met Shamananda during one of the darkest periods of my life - soul searching, at the conclusion of a potential failed relationship, and absolutely homesick - not to mention a handful of insecurities. I was at one of those moments where therapy didn't feel like it worked anymore and I was willing to try just about anything. One of the most poignant moments where I knew her work in transmutative t…Read More

    Albert Q.
  8. New to This Practice

    I haven't been here but I emailed looking  for some information on the practice and she was the only one that sent me so much detail in regards to her practice and what they do. Especially because I am new to this kind of practice and the more information the better .…Read More

    Lisa T.
  9. Joy to Work With

    Shamananda is a pleasure and a joy to work with.  We’ve had several sessions together and after each time I feel as though I’ve set more of my baggage down.  I’m noticing that I’m starting to hear my “gut” more clearly and that I’m trusting that voice more.…Read More

    Adam L.
  10. Comfortable and Supportive

    Shamananda is a blessing in my life. I have received several healings from her and have felt a profound shift in my energy for the positive Her new Laguna Hills office is comfortable and supportive.  I look forward to more healing sessions with this amazing soul! Shamananda, thank you!…Read More

    Elizabeth B.