What Can You Gain From Ultimate Self Mastery?

Learn The Basics Of Emotional Intelligence

In my many years of experience working with celebrities, professional athletes, top surgeons, psychologists, housewives, students, people with severe mental disorders and Spiritual Masters, I believe that it is important for you to understand the basics of how I work and what I believe. This course starts off on the basic fundamentals and works it’s way up to the most complex spiritual teachings available.

My reason for explaining my approach and modality is that you may recognize the “why” behind the physical and emotional feelings you may experience during this course. If you have a lot of blocked energy, it’s likely that releasing those blockages may bring out some intense emotions and perhaps even physical experiences. I want you to be prepared for this possibility and understand why it is happening, and if it does, understand it is one of the many gifts of this offering. Bottom line, this training has something for everyone. It doesn’t matter where you are on your spiritual journey, these teachings are designed to bring you to a solid place of understanding so that you can confidently utilize the tools easily, with precision and grace in order to formulate the life you desire.

This Is A Journey Inward

As you make your way through the course, I will guide you through a journey inward where you will have an opportunity to defeat all that holds you back, expelling what doesn’t serve you, and through the various worksheets, homework, FaceBook group support, and one on one and peer trainings, you will be set up to win to master all of the areas in your life that you want to change. Before, you may have viewed these negative or complacent components as static and “bad.” What if I told you there was no “bad,” only opportunity? That is not to say that emotional wounds and trauma do not exist — they certainly do, and your pain is valid. However, “bad” is a label that, when assigned to a person, place, or thing, only serves as a judgment. When we let go of judgements, we can see clearly, release that which does not serve us, and move forward.

Understanding How The Condition Of Your Physiology Can Change Everything

Engaging your  physiology with your emotions in a specific way can empower and change your future. When you learn how to engage your physical body to not only shift your mood into an emotionally empowering state, the synergy of combining your emotional and physical state is key to success in all categories of life.  The root of this emotional-physical relationship is energy. Because the key to creating energy resides in your physicality, understanding the basics of how people hold themselves in their physiology when they are confident, depressed, joyous, angry, and passionate, is a part of the groundwork of duplicating the desired state within you, while watching for what you don’t want to create in your life.

Where Your Focus Goes, Energy Flows

In this age of comparison, being happy with who you are and your place in life can seem like an impossible task. If you frequently scroll through social media or read lifestyle magazines, then you may find yourself feeling increasingly dissatisfied with yourself. Why is this? Unfortunately, society doesn’t make obtaining natural self worth easy, as the world and social media often revel in negativity.  In many cases, the people on the other side of the screen don’t feel satisfied with their lives either. The point is that you can let go of this lacking mindset and adopt an appreciative one. In other words, what you focus on, you create. If you decide to focus on lack or what you do not possess, then that is what you will create. Human beings are excellent manifesters. We will create an abundance of whatever we think about the most. If you focus on negativity and what you don’t have or are lacking, you’ll create more of that. It’s best to shift your mindset into one of abundance and spend your time thinking about the solution instead of the problem. It’s how you’ll create a snowball effect of solutions and it is the key to abundance and ultimate happiness.

Discover How Accountability Supports In Gaining Control

Accountability for many is a difficult pill to swallow. The truth about accountability is that it is the one sure fire tool that will instill an inner peace, teach you an aspect of emotional intelligence, create massive growth and awareness, and support you with gaining back control in your life. In order to accomplish this, it’s important to look at every situation and how you played a role. What did you create in the situation? What are you responsible for? What can you do on your part to not duplicate the event? These simple questions can support you in avoiding conflict in difficult situations, and cause you to see the situation with a level head and an intelligent, mature outlook. This self development course will help you realize that regardless of the situation, you can find a way to accept your role and take action.

Find Peace In A Negative World By Avoiding Judgements

Is the earth a scary place full of tragedy, or a wonderful world full of joy and happiness? Could it be both? Neither? It’s easy to get caught up in labeling things, people, and events as “good” or “bad.” Why is this detrimental? It forces you to make judgements, and judgements cloud our clarity. Instead of seeing something as it is, we channel our emotional, spiritual, and physical energy into assigning value to it.

Consider fire. In one instance, you may consider fire “good” when it is crackling safely within the confines of a fireplace, keeping you warm and cozy. If it is burning down rainforests or neighborhoods, you’d probably consider the fire to be “bad.” But fire is only fire, and it cannot be good or bad. People, places, and events simply “are.” The truth about judgments are that only a persons perception can make something good or bad, and which perception you choose can determine your happiness, success, prosperity and health. The Ultimate Self Mastery course will help you learn the importance of accepting this mindset, while releasing you from the bindings of assigning judgments to your world.

Elevate Your Consciousness And Change Your Life

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “raise your vibration.” What does this mean? Low vibration, in terms of frequency, correspond to various levels of consciousness. Vibration frequencies — and the corresponding level of consciousness — can range from extremely low (think bacteria) to extremely high (enlightenment). As you continue to break free from limiting beliefs, overcome consuming emotions, and heal emotional wounds through Ultimate Self Mastery, you may begin to key in on your own level of consciousness and expansion.

The curious thing about consciousness is that we get to reach a certain level of it to even recognize it. When we are stuck in the darkness of low vibration, we have no sense that we are stuck at all. You may wonder, “How can we get out of something we don’t even know we’re in?” This is where quality sources can support in bringing you to the light. This could be a friend, mentor, kind stranger, or even a higher power. Raising your vibration and consciousness level is not only beneficial for yourself, but also for those around you. That is why I created Ultimate Self Mastery so that anyone in the world with access to the internet may find and take advantage of the guidance and resources I provide. Through my in depth selection of video recordings of myself and other experts in their field, you will find that this course is an extensive explanation of anything you ever wanted to know and understand about your spirituality and how to elevate your consciousness, regardless of where you live.

Your Desire for Control Limits Your Power

Have you ever over-corrected your steering while driving? If your vehicle veers off track, your first response may be to crank the wheel to the max in the opposite direction. While this may keep you from going off one side of the road, it will probably send you right off the other! Grasping for complete control in our lives can look a lot like over-correcting. We fear one extreme, so we act out in the extreme that lies on the opposite end of the spectrum. Instead of creating balance, we find ourselves constantly sliding from one end to the other, experiencing only a fleeting moment in the center.

My extensive experience in the field in my practice working with thousands of people in all walks of life has enabled me to realize that it is common for people to struggle with the desire for complete control in their lives. The truth is that we do not have control, not in the way many believe we do. External circumstances do not abide by our internal desires. We may be able to bend people and situations to our will, but that is not control — that is force, and that force is often driven by emotions such as fear, or a desire to control because one feels as though their lives are out of control. Forcing people to do things outside of their consent is not power, it is brutality — one of the lowest vibrations you can experience. Think back to bacteria, one of the least-conscious beings. It lives by consuming mindlessly. Unlike bacteria, we can live without using others to our advantage. In Ultimate Self Mastery you will learn to let go of control so that you can take hold of a different power, one that fills you and allows you to no longer live in fear, but in peace instead.

How Living In Compassion And Gratitude Changes Everything

When you hear the word “compassion,” perhaps you simply think of being nice to people. However, compassion is so much deeper than kindness. One popular online dictionary defines compassion as “sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.” I think it’s pretty incredible that they chose to use the word “consciousness,” don’t you?

To have compassion means that your vibration has reached a milestone, but this milestone is not reached passively. Living in a perpetual state of gratitude and seeing your life as a blessing takes the fear away. It also redirects your consciousness to focus on positive creation in your life, it reduces anxiety, it provides a sense of peace, and it gives you an experience of fulfillment that is only possible with feeling truly blessed and grateful in your life. So, how do we get there? You’ll learn more about compassion, feeling blessed, gratitude and how it relates to your consciousness in Ultimate Self Mastery. I’m greatly looking forward to you taking this journey with me! As always, it is a blessing to serve you.