Why Should I Receive Energy Healing?

No one can answer the deeper “why” of your energy healing needs. The circular nature of energy is simple yet mysterious, in that you may not discover the pains and barriers you need to address until your first energy healing session is complete. When blocked or negative energy has been released or rendered harmless, respectively, you may find yourself with eyes wide open, finally realizing after all this time, that is what was going on inside you.

After your first energy healing session with Shamananda, you may have a better idea of the underlying issues you would like to address. As you work with her, you’ll develop a stronger intuition that will guide you in untangling the often complex web of pain, loss, desire, expectation, and even happiness that can lead to an imbalance of energy.

Are Energy Healing and Reiki the Same?

Reiki is a form of energy healing that focuses on infusing the body with positive energy. While important, one cannot simply drive out negative or blocked energy with more positive energy. This is why Shamananda offers shamanic transmutation as part of her energy healing sessions.

This healing practice involves the skilled attention of an enlightened shaman. Shamananda will remove the negative energy from within you, transform it, and return it to you as positive energy. This step is crucial to successful energy healing, but it is not present in Reiki alone.

If you are ready to break free from stagnation and pain to embrace a higher experience, contact Shamananda below to request an energy healing session. She also offers holistic healing and guidance, spiritual teaching, and transformational life coaching.